We Are Guiding the Sector With Our 23 Years of Experience

AS Steel is responsible for the risks such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes and the disadvantages of classical construction techniques; was established in 2000 with the belief that it can produce innovative, contemporary, sustainable and optimum solutions.

AS Steel, which was founded with the inspiration of a team that combines the power of steel with modern designs, and a diagram drawn on a napkin, has become one of the most reliable and most respected players in the steel market after 23 years. Erkan Sezer, who has signed unique projects with his experience in the sector, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of AS Steel. It has proven its strong position in the steel market with the high-tonnage projects it has realized especially in Central Asian countries. AS Steel is taking firm steps forward with the services it provides as a contractor all over the world, with its solid financial structure and the strength of its references.

Since its establishment, it has built many various business and living spaces such as social and commercial structures, steel buildings, farms, towers, bridges in Turkey and especially in Central Asian countries. As a subcontractor and contractor, he has successfully completed many different projects.

Using advanced engineering technologies, As Steel has undertaken important investments without compromising its experience in this field, its superior production and quality policy. Today, the world’s leading companies; It is a solution partner and supplier in a wide range from design to engineering, from manufacturing to turnkey contracting services.

AS Steel offers all aspects of high quality steel structure projects such as consultancy, design, manufacturing and assembly. With this integrated production process, AS Steel provides numerous advantages to its customers and business partners.


As a leading company in the Turkish steel industry, to bring Turkish steel to a leading position in the global steel trade.


To combine the power of steel with modern designs with advanced engineering and to create strong, solid and original structures in the world.

Our quality policy

Aiming to continuously increase customer satisfaction with effective feedback mechanisms, Using advanced technology and modern engineering solutions in its products and services, Measuring, recording and evaluating quality parameters and data.

Quality, reliability, continuous improvement and innovation

The message of the president;

As AS Steel, we aim to create added value for our customers and business partners by transforming quality standards into products and services on a global scale. We implement our projects using advanced technology. While offering innovative and modern designs in the field of building and steel construction; We consider it one of our main principles to maintain trust and dignity for our country, our customers, our business partners and our suppliers. With the success we have achieved in Turkey and in the world, being among the world’s leading companies in steel structures is among our most basic goals.

As AS Steel, we are striving to further consolidate our leading position in the field of steel on a global scale in the light of the Quality Management philosophy. We are working to meet the expectations of all our stakeholders in a shorter time than our commitments, by taking our projects and services further. As Steel, which has succeeded in creating and maintaining the standards in the sector with high quality materials and workmanship, works with the vision of 50 years guarantee in the structure with this strength.

Erkan Sezer
AS Steel Chairman of the Board


AS STEEL was established and completed its first project in Turkmenistan.

A new engineering world

Digital Transformation

As Steel focuses on digital culture change with the aim of providing the best customer experience and achieving more successful results in projects.

Data Driven Decision Making

  • Data analytics studies are developed with different machine/deep learning models before and after the project.
  • Data-based development of planning and analysis mechanisms throughout the enterprise continues.
  • Robotic Process Automation processes are being expanded in order to provide reliable predictions, make more effective decisions, ensure integrity within the enterprise, and add value to our projects.

Together, we can make a sustainable future possible.

Sustainable Environment

As Steel has determined its sustainability policy throughout the company with the vision of “to be a pioneer with high strength and low mass in structural steel” in line with the principle of benefiting nature, society and customers.

We leave a mark on life by adopting the understanding of sustainable growth in all the projects we handle. In order to leave a better world for future generations, we consider the protection of bio-diversity, energy consumption, raw material and resource use at the beginning of every business.

“Together with our well-known partners around us, we take part in solution-oriented research projects to manage the carbon footprint, prevent waste of resources and protect the climate. Building a sustainable world is an integral part of our corporate strategy.”

Erkan Sezer
Chairman of the Board of As Steel


Environmental policy
Digital Transformation
Quality policy
Integrated Policy