AS STEEL Chairman of the Board Erkan Sezer said, “We manufacture prefabricated buildings according to the specified order in Turkey’s highest technology production facilities. Assembly in a prefabricated structure takes a maximum of 5-7 days, since the planning is carried out and completed beforehand, there is no long construction period and the production is made in the factories with the latest technology. Contractors, masters, plumbers, painters, etc. for turnkey prefabricated houses. You do not need to deal with many procedures such as Details such as kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, etc. are made by us on the color chosen by the customer. Therefore, it is more economical. We offer you the opportunity to learn in advance how much it will cost you before you build a prefabricated house.


Pointing out that prefabricated houses are resistant to earthquakes with a magnitude of 9, Sezer said, “You can say “I am safe” with a prefabricated structure, this structure is safe. Because it is produced in accordance with the conditions, taking into account earthquake and climatic conditions. It can be built to suit every design taste and style. If desired, additions can be made, expanded and relocated in the future according to needs and conditions. It is also possible to find prefabricated house materials easily in construction markets. Prefabricated buildings can cause noise, image, chemical etc. in the environment. does not cause pollution. By placing solar panels on the roof, significant energy savings can be achieved by utilizing solar energy,” he added.

Stating that they have registered the robustness of the structure by giving a 50-year guarantee, Erkan Sezer said, “Our square meter price is 1,700 TL until the end of 2020, as it is a campaign. As the advantage of being a domestic production, we have fixed our square meter price independent of the exchange rate effect to offer safe buildings to the society. As AS STEEL, we complete every process from the plumbing to the license of the prefab, together with the power of attorney of our customers, and we deliver our building on a turnkey basis. After the infrastructure permit procedures are ready; We have a production process of about 10-15 working days, we perform the assembly process in 5-7 working days. According to AS STEEL 2020 Prefabricated House Price List, it is possible to order a 70 m2 2+1 turnkey Prefabricated steel and light steel house for 99,000 TL instead of 119,000 at the moment.


Prefabricated light steel houses can be installed at any time of the year with the possibility of on-site assembly. It has high thermal insulation, saves energy and heat efficiency is mainly determined in prefabricated houses. Due to the short assembly time, humidity does not occur inside, it is not affected by weather and climatic conditions, it can be settled inside immediately after assembly. Concrete is not used except for flooding. Compared to a concrete building, it offers more usage area with the walls being carrier and taking up less space.

They are designed in such a way that they can make maximum use of living spaces. The external appearance is modern and aesthetic.