The first reaction from the business world to the interest rate decision

The Central Bank kept the policy rate unchanged at 19 percent. Evaluating the decision, the business world noted that the CBRT listened to the market in the light of expectations.

In its decision, the Central Bank Monetary Policy Committee said, “It is anticipated that the slowing effects of the current monetary stance on loans and domestic demand will become more evident in the coming period. Accordingly, the Committee has decided to maintain the tight monetary stance by keeping the policy rate unchanged.” gave.


Evaluating the first interest rate decision after the change in the Central Bank management and the messages of the new administration, AS Steel YKB Erkan Sezer said, “The Central Bank did not change the policy rate in line with the market and kept it at 19 percent. Markets had priced in a rate cut after the first reshuffle. Here we get the message that the new management is not in a ‘challenge’ to the market and is listening to the market. This becomes much more valuable at the point of restoring the broken trust”.