Emphasizing that the export figures should be analyzed by going back to the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, AS Steel YKB Erkan Sezer said, “While the world economies came to a standstill with the coronavirus epidemic, Turkey turned the wheels with the steps it took and the selfless efforts of the business world.

The Turkish exporter filled the gap, especially on the Chinese side, very well from the first day. In the early days, there were criticisms that this was a temporary situation, but many new customers who saw the quality of Turkish products and services were shaken and signed. Currently, there is no province in Turkey that does not export.

This process, which had a great impact on the export record in 2021, will now continue in 2022 with the new economic model ‘focused on investment, production, employment and exports’. will be the year. While we continued production and export uninterruptedly during the epidemic period, our cooperation started to open the door to many new customers and markets. We are working almost 24/7, especially with the advantage of our geopolitical position, in this period when the supply crisis has started from the USA to Europe. You can see the truck queues at the border gates. There is great confidence in Turkish products, Turkish contractors and Turkish exporters abroad.” said.


Pointing out that the highest increase in exports was realized in steel with 578 million dollars, Sezer said, “As Steel, we shipped 120 trucks in just the 12th month. We believe that the new economy program will be successful and we have prepared our plans accordingly. It was very important for us to eliminate the excessive volatility in foreign currency, we can see the future more easily, but with the new regulation, we have to keep 25 percent of the export value in TL, this rate can force us because we buy in foreign currency. A flexibility to be realized at this point will strengthen our hand for the new target of 250 billion dollars.”

The export figure of 17 billion 593 million dollars in January 2022 was recorded as the highest January export figure to date.

With 1 billion 616 million dollars, the highest export was made to Germany, followed by the USA with 1 billion 233 million dollars and the UK with 1 billion 27 million dollars. Motor Land Vehicles with 1 billion 945 million dollars were included in the most exported sections, followed by Kazan and Machinery with 1 billion 541 million dollars and Iron and Steel with 1 billion 212 million dollars.